Aug 17, 2015

Welcome To Greenbank Middle School

Welcome Back!

Greetings to our new and returning Gators!

We are still in the dog days of summer but I thought I would get a head start on welcoming everyone back for a spectacular year at Greenbank Middle School. Our custodial staff are busy cleaning and updating the building and our teachers are already starting to prepare their rooms and opening week activities to welcome our students back. Some exciting new features of our school include brand new projectors installed in three of our classrooms as well as a fully renovated and expanded music studio for our music classes and bands. It truly is an exciting time for Greenbank!

Please make note of the dates already posted to our school calendar and refer to the OCDSB student supply list. The items on this list are suggestions - your child's teachers will clarify what materials, if any, should be considered. Please make sure your child has access to a pair of shoes to be worn indoors in the winter months. Also, please make sure your child has warm and dry clothing for recesses and physical education. We only bring students in the building for recess in extreme situations (cold below -25 degrees Celsius or heavy rain).

When planning for the coming school year, please remember that Greenbank starts 15 minutes earlier this year. Our bell rings at 8:00 am and students are dismissed at 2:30 pm. Students who arrive after 7:45 am will be supervised. Supervision will not be available prior to 7:45 and as such, students may not arrive sooner unless they are participating in a school activity with staff supervision.

If you are a new parent or guardian and reading this message on our website, thank you for visiting! Please note that you can subscribe to our mail list by clicking this link or the one in the right margin of this page. All posts to this website will be forwarded to your email address usually within 24 hours. Also, please consider following us on Twitter. Vice-Principal Chouinard is an active Tweeter and frequently shares school events through Twitter. Finally, consider following us on YouTube. Our channel is Greenbank Studios. We currently have just one video posted but I predict that will change over the course of this year.

Finally, if ever you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to send me a message or to call me at school. Our office opens on Monday, August 31. We look forward to welcoming your children on Tuesday, September 8, 2015!


Dennis Paré
Greenbank Middle School

Jun 26, 2015

Thank you!

On behalf of the entire staff here at Greenbank Middle School I would like to thank you for a wonderful year. As we pack up the school and make preparations for next year, we are able to fondly look back on a year filled with learning, fun, creativity, imagination, and excitement. I'd like to take this opportunity to bid farewell to our departing staff: Mme Organista-Martin, Mrs. Healey-White, Mr. Finch, Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Strickland, Mrs. Arseneault, Mr. Ellis and Mme Conley. I'd also like to welcome Mr. and Mrs. van Belois, Mr. Smith, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Heijdans, and Ms. MacAskill.

Thank you to Mme Chouinard, our fearless vice-principal, who completed her first year as a school administrator with style and class. I am grateful for the leadership and kindness she gave to our students and staff, and look forward to working side by side with her next year! Julie, you're amazing! Thank you also to Diana and Susan in our office, who looked after your children's bumps and bruises, ensured that our students made it to school safely and on time, and looked after all the other invisible tasks that ensure our school runs smoothly. Thank you to Ms. Leduc, our intrepid library tech for helping to inspire a love of reading, and to Ms. Moule, our super EA, for looking after our parking lot, for checking in on all of our students, and for working with our teaching staff to help our kids access curriculum. Thank you to our incredible custodial staff led by Chief Mike Martin for ensuring that we all have a safe, functional and clean facility to work and learn in. Thank you to our super-talented teaching staff for inspiring a love of life-long learning in our students, for coaching, for organizing field trips, and for caring for our students.

Finally, thank you to our students for their dedication and commitment to learning, for persevering, and for their integrity. A school is merely the sum of what it's people bring every day, and our students brought energy, enthusiasm, youth, determination, laughter, and grit day in and day out.

We wish you a safe, happy, and enjoyable summer break. See you in September!

Jun 12, 2015

Grade 8 End of Year Field Trip

On Monday, June 22nd all grade 8 students will be participating in a year end field trip. The trip will have three distinct parts: The Haunted Walk (Ghost and the Gallows), The Museum of History and an Imax film (Lemurs of Madagascar).

We will require parent volunteers to help with this chilling event. In order to meet guidelines, we are requiring at least 1 parent volunteer per class. Please let your child’s homeroom teacher know as soon as possible.

The cost of the trip is $30.00 for the bus, Haunted Tour, Museum and Imax movie. Bring a brown-bag lunch as there will not be access to a cafeteria. Please bring in the signed original permission form and money by Friday, June 12th.  If there is any difficulty with the funds for this trip, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher and support can be arranged.

The field trip form can be downloaded here.

May 29, 2015

Grade 8 Grad Party

Dear Parents and Guardians of students in grade 8,

The parent group that is organizing the grade 8 grad party on Saturday, June 13th will be back at school again on Tuesday morning during 1st break to collect any last minute payments or permission forms. Please make sure to provide your child with a signed permission form and $20 payment if you have not already done so. Please also consider to volunteer to supervise this event by providing them with your email address. 

Thank you for your help on behalf of the parent organizing committee, and have a wonderful weekend!

Dennis Paré
Greenbank Middle School