Oct 29, 2014

Spirit Week

Greenbank is having its first Spirit Week next week! Here's the breakdown:

Monday: Pyjama Day, because who wants to get out of their pyjama on a Monday?!?
Tuesday: Twin Day! Find your twin and dress the same.
Wednesday: Show your Greenbank pride by wearing your Gator Gear!
Thursday: Crazy Hair / Crazy Hat Day - self-explanatory!
Friday: Show your appreciation for our country by wearing red and white for our Canadian Pride Day!

We hope to see your spirit come out for during our first GMS Spirit Week!

Oct 24, 2014

Remembrance Day Display Case

In preparation for Remembrance Day, Mrs. Kane is putting together a display case with war era memorabilia. If you have any memorabilia that you are willing to share with the school community please send it to her by Thursday, October 30. Please note that while the display case will be locked at all times, the school is a busy place and we cannot guarantee the security of items loaned to the school. Inquiries regarding the security of loaned items should be directed to the principal. Mrs. Kane will return all items following Remembrance Day. Thank you!

Rideauwood Addictions and Family Services

Greenbank Middle School is pleased to announce our partnership with Rideauwood Addictions and Family Services. Heather Gallant is a counsellor connected with our school. If your family or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, however that may look, Rideauwood is there to support. Heather can be reached by email at hgallant@rideauwood.org or by phone at (613) 724-4881. For more information, please contact the principal or vice-principal at school.

Oct 23, 2014

Wear Red Friday!

For Friday, all students are asked to wear their Canada clothes or to wear red.

Oct 22, 2014

Shelter in Place Lifted

The shelter in place at Greenbank has been lifted and normal operations have resumed. We thank you for your cooperation today.

GMS is in a Shelter in Place

Dear parents/guardians,

In response to the ongoing events downtown, all schools within the OCDSB are taking precautionary measures. Greenbank MS is now in a shelter in place. This protocol requires that students and staff remain in the building and away from windows and doors. All doors and windows are secured and no one may leave or enter the building. Classes are continuing as normal. All after school events in OCDSB sites, including through Community Use, have been cancelled. Parents/guardians may not pick up their children until after the shelter in place has been lifted. As soon as the shelter in place is lifted I will let you know with another email. I thank you for your cooperation.

Student safety is our number one priority. This situation is being monitored very closely and I am receiving frequent updates from the Director of Education. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.


Dennis Paré
Principal - Greenbank MS
(613) 828-4587

Oct 21, 2014

Ottawa Public Health Newsletter

Healthy Lunch

It is always a good idea to pack a healthy lunch. This helps kids have energy to learn and grow. Here are some

tips to pack a healthy lunch bag:

• Fruits and veggies should be a part of every lunch.

• Try some dips like hummus, cottage cheese, and yogurt.

• Select whole grain breads and crackers.

• Buy different types of cheese (cheddar, swiss) in different forms (cubes, strings, balls).

• Last night’s dinner can make a quick lunch for the next day.

• Pack water, milk, or 100% fruit juice for drinks.

• Use an insulated food jar for foods like soup, chili, stew and leftovers so they are still hot at lunch.

• Place a frozen ice pack, water bottle or juice box beside the cold foods.

• Wash the lunch bag or box often with warm soapy water.

For more information visit www.ottawa.ca/health or contact Ottawa Public Health at 613-580-6744.